Emerging Web Design Trends for 2013

Amy Valentine

Amy Valentine, Web Designer, NZ

Ok, so were already 3 months in to the year, it’s a bit late for web design predictions, but every year throws up the usual plethora of trends from all corners of the world for the coming year.

But now that we’re one quarter into it, some trends are emerging as the leaders for 2013, so here’s my round-up of those design elements that YOU should take notice of and build into your website development strategy if you want to stay ahead of the game and your competitors.

Emerging Web Design Trends for 2013

1. Responsive Web Design

Due to the unprecedented rise in the use of mobile devices, we are seeing a flood of websites that are designed to work on both desktops and phones. Designers are finding more and more the need to create designs that work on different screen widths, whether it’s 320 pixels or 2500 pixels. We can thank the use of multiple devices and RWD for this abandonment of the standard width.

Responsive Web Design Content Scaling Illustrated

Responsive web design will provide the ability to respond to the size of the device being used. Thanks to responsive web designs, designers will not have to make a new layout for different mobile and desktop devices. A single design will work perfectly on all devices. This trend is expected to make things much more convenient for all web designers.

2. Designed Typography

Thanks to the variations available in Typography, designers have a lot of fonts available to select from. However, selecting typography is no longer a small decision and selecting a trendy typography design is very important. Typography will become an integral part of any website’s design. Designers will no longer replace text with the beautiful images and will try to enhance website’s beauty through typography.

Typography Steve Jobs

3. Infinite Scroll

Nowadays, a lot of websites offer both, vertical and horizontal scrolling as far as mobile devices are concerned. However, vertical scrolling will lead the trend in 2013. Vertical scrolling is easy, convenient for all the mobile users. Vertical scrolling is quite user friendly, efficient and definitely allows easy navigation.

Pinterest has adopted this loading technique for their layout and it works beautifully. You can search anything and the results page will continually load as you scroll down. Pagination is basically a non-issue and doesn’t even work as a detriment into the user experience. Talk about designing for simplicity!

Wicked Website Designers on Pinterest

4. Big Buttons and Calls-To-Action

Continuing with the theme of mobile browsing and more specifically touch screens, big buttons are a necessity these days.  You do not want to make it difficult for your potential customer to tap the “add to cart” button, or have them struggle to click that tiny text link with their index finger.  Big button are easy to see and touch, and everyone likes easy.

Previously big buttons were a more design-orientated trend, but now they are also becoming a functional requirement for user interface.  One area of possible concern is big buttons slowing the load time of your website pages due to increased graphic sizes, however there are ways to create smaller file size buttons to avoid this.

Big Buttons make taking action easy on websites

5. Full Page Backgrounds

It’s becoming more common to find websites with backgrounds that interact with the foreground, rather than distracting from it.

Photographers or even fans of photography will definitely enjoy this design trend. I have seen countless showcases discussing the ideas of big oversized photography in the background. It’s an excellent way to capture your visitor’s attention and it can look great when done properly.

This can help emphasize the personality of the site’s brand, as the background is attention grabbing. And it takes away the need (or the illusion of a need) for disjointed photos that don’t do anything for the brand.

High quality photos or vectors are needed to pull off this trend, as poor images will only distract the reader.

The Amazing Spider Man Game site below is a great example of a well done full page background:

Full Page Backgrounds trending in web design


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