Bone-a-fide Dog Shampoo

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Bone-A-Fide Dog Shampoo

Bone-A-Fide Dog Shampoo

Project Details:

Client: Bone-A-Fide Dog Shampoo, Australia

Date: May 2017

Style: Niche ecommerce site

Visit site:

Theme: Divi by Elegant Themes

Boneafide Dog Shampoo was originally launched in 2016 in Australia, and has received much acclaim as a range of fantastic shampoos and deodorizers for dogs.  

Owner John Munro quickly realised that his products were attracting international attention, and has now launched into international distributorship.

A website makeover was requested to give the site a more international appeal and professional online store. Using the Divi Theme we created a custom child theme and implemented some excellent tutorials from Geno Quiroz to make the site unique and easy to navigate.

We installed YIThemes Quick View premium plugin which opens a pop-up window allowing customers to Add to Cart immediately, resulting in higher conversions.  And we sourced some great imagery to clearly convey what Bone-A-Fide Dog Shampoo is all about.

We relaunched the site on the .com domain, installed SSL and used the Redirection plugin ensure all the Australian domain urls indexed in Google now redirect to the relevant .com page, product, category or tag. This is crucial to preserve your hard fought for rankings.

“The new site is really, really fantastic. You are very professional in your attitude and work ethic and we love having you on board.”

John Munro

Owner, Bone-a-fide Dog Shampoo

Bone-A-Fide Dog Shampoo

Project Feature: Menu Animation

Over the last 4 years Geno Quiroz has established himself as the No.1 go-to Divi Guru and pretty much started Divi tutorials for the wider Divi community. For this project we chose to implement the Search in Top Header tutorial, and we added some nice menu hover animations.

Project Feature: Pop-up Optin

Due to Google’s recent update regarding pop-ups on mobile resulting in down-rankings, we choose a different way of encouraging visitors to opt in to email newsletters by using a Modal pop-up that is triggered by a click of a button.

In this instance we created a full width CTA module and installed Divi Overlays plugin to place the optin inside the Overlay. This plugin is excellent for a variety of uses and is very well documented.


Bone-A-Fide Dog Shampoo

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