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Elegant Divi Layouts

Elegant Divi Layouts

Project Details:

Client: Wicked Website Designers, NZ

Date: September 2017

Style: Divi Layout Showcase

Visit site: elegantdivilayouts.com

Theme: Divi by Elegant Themes

Elegant Divi Layouts orginally started out as a personal visual library for my own purposes, to keep track of all the Divi 100 freebies released by Elegant Themes.

Over the last few months I have included some great free Divi layouts that members of the Divi Community were releasing. There were so many that I wanted to keep them all listed and easy to view or download in one place. I quickly realised that this could be a valuable resource for the whole Divi community so I moved the site to it’s own domain and ElegantDivilayouts.com was borne.

With the huge number of features updates that Elegant Themes have added over the last 6 months I wanted to make the site more visually engaging and easier to navigate, so I revamped the look and styling and fell in love with the new gradient options.

I also realised that when sharing some of the demo pages the featured image was not showing on older layouts as I skipped this initially. By using this very useful plugin I was able to quickly add a featured image for every page in bulk directly in the admin, rather than opening hundreds of pages individually.

I hope you find this a useful Divi resource and if you are a web designer who has free layouts don’t forget to submit your layout and I’ll add it when I can.

Elegant Divi Layouts

Project Feature: Scrolling Image Carousel

I have to give a shout out to Michelle Nunan of DiviSoup.com for some excellent tutorials and free Divi layouts as part of her Club Membership.

I used her Scrolling Image Carousel tutorial to create the sliding logo section instead of a plugin to enable me to keep the load speeds down. Too many plugins can cause this issue. Using CSS is always my preferred solution.

Project Feature: Elegant Themes Tutorial Layouts

Elegant Themes regularly publish Divi tutorials to teach users how to create page layouts or sections, unique menu customizations and module styling. These are an invaluable resource for the whole Divi Community.

For fun I created some free downloadable json files based on these tutorials, mainly because most had the odd step missing, and I had to tweak a few settings to re-create the layouts. For a new user these downloadable files makes it easier to use those sections and get started.

Elegant Divi Layouts

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