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Rocky Mountain Tel Tech

Project Details:

Client: Rocky Mountain Tel Tech, Inc, Colorado, USA

Date: February 2018

Style: Professional Services

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Theme: Divi by Elegant Themes

Child Theme: Arrow by

Rocky Mountain Tel Tech are a low voltage contractor, specializing in voice and data cabling (Fiber and Copper), Surveillance Systems, and supporting legacy Avaya Telephone Equipment. They wanted a redesigned website that showcased their breadth of services and technical expertise.

Ryan had a very clear idea of how the homepage should be structured to make it as easy as possible for potential customers to navigate to the service task required.

We started with Divi and Arrow Divi child theme but ended up using very few of the pre-made elements other than some nice hover and animation effects.

Once the 8 header section graphics and buttons, and timeline layout were implemented the rest of the pages and content came together very quickly. Plus we crafted a couple of service specific landing page layouts for the business to develop as they grow.

Overall we think the new flow works better to generate more lead enquiries which convert into customers.

“Just took a look at the site. The updates look great! It’s exactly what I had in mind and really differentiates Rocky Mountain Tel Tech from competitors. “

Ryan Richardson

Rocky Mountain Tel-Tech, Inc

Project Feature: Alternating Timeline Using only CSS

As a member of the Divisoup Club I get access to a ton of free layouts, tutorials and CSS snippets. I used one of the layouts to create the alternating timeline section using blurbs and a little CSS.

A timeline is a great way to detail a process, a progress log or pretty much anything that requires some kind of hierarchical order. And it’s super easy to edit!

By not using a plugin to achieve this we ensure we are not adding to the page load speeds too.

Project Feature: 8 Buttons using CSS Grid

One of the key requests for this design was to replicate the homepage of’s header section, with 8 buttons aligned in 2 rows. This is not something native to Divi yet.

This tutorial by Michelle Nunan enabled me to understand how to implement CSS Grid to get my buttons exactly where they needed to be, and make the header mobile responsive too.

Using the excellent Divi Overlays plugin we connected each button to a modal pop-up service-specific contact form which helps keep users on the same page, without having to reload a new webpage.

Rocky Mountain Tel Tech

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