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Project Details:

Client: Catherine Bruno, USA

Date: March 2018

Style: Professional Services & Tours

Visit site:

Theme: Divi by Elegant Themes

Vitalia Tours & Celebrations came to us via a referral from another happy client. We love it when clients continue to enjoy our work and their website. As a huge fan of all things Italian we were delighted to makeover Catherine’s website and make it easier for her clients and potential customers to navigate the array of her custom Italy tours available.

Using the Divi theme we started with Elegant Themes’ Travel layout pack, then created a new style guide and customised the layout pack sections we wanted to use to match. As the site evolved and the tour content was broken down into bite-sized chunks, the design rapidly developed into the cohesive styling we now have. We used a variety of modules to communicate and control the flow of detailed information.

One of the most fun aspects of this build was sourcing high quality imagery to illustrate the various tours. Having spent several holidays in Italy as a child, I had a great time sourcing professional stock photography.

We also set-up and integrated a new email system to collect newsletter subscribers; and installed Divi Overlays plugin for the modal  optin pop-up, which helps to keep the visitor on the webpage.

Clear information, strong visuals, bold calls-to-action, subtle animations and responsive design all contribute to providing the visitor a genuinely enjoyable experience on any device.

“I am absolutely loving how it is coming along. I do appreciate your quick response and action time, I am in love with your work.”


Custom Tour Designer, Vitalia Tours & Celebrations

Project Feature: Subtle Animations

Using Divi’s animations is a great example of how to make a featured item or section stand out. Using subtle animations on various modules makes for a more engaging experience.

The trick is not to over-do it and keep animations to a minimum for mobile viewing as this sometimes impacts page load speeds.

Here is a tutorial by Elegant Themes that introduces you to using Divi’s Animations, and includes a free download of the layouts created.

Project Feature: Desktop & Mobile Menu

Using Desktop Menu Customizer and Mobile Menu Customizer plugins you can design your menu layouts entirely in Divi’s Visual Builder using all the available modules such as blurbs, text, contact form, opt-in module, as well as button and search modules.

Or you can add only specific layouts/modules to the normal menu above, below or both above and below the menu items. Divi Builder combined with these plugin features will allow you to create truly unique and feature rich custom menus.

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